Why are cats accurate in time? 猫は生活リズムが一定

Why are cats accurate in time?  

Felix has a constant daily rhythm and wakes me up every morning. The cat’s body clock is fairly accurate. Is that normal for cats?

How the cat’s body clock works

1. Know from the position of the sun

It is thought that wild animals also use the sun, just as humans know the north, south, east and west from the positions of the sun and stars.
Considering the position of the sun in the place where you are always as the standard, you will be conscious of the shift in your body in a different place. We will correct the deviation in the body to return it to the normal value in the cat. This behavior results in a cat that can time things, that is, an accurate sense of time.

2. Can rely on himself only

Cats were independent animals, so I was the only one to rely on to hunt for food and protect myself. Therefore, it is said that the biological clock is excellent at the genetic level.

3. The cat’s diet has an effect

Recent studies have shown that protein influences time nutrition. It is said that cats, which are completely carnivorous, have an accurate body clock because they are mostly protein-based.
It is said that the body is made from what you eat, but it is unavoidable that dogs and humans, who are omnivores, do not have a very accurate body clock.

4. Biological clock

Cats can feel the cycle of 24 hours in their bodies.
However, the mechanism by which the time clock of living things is built into the body has not been clarified concretely.






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